Our businesses are diversified and form a set of unique expertise in Africa

Felber & Associés was founded in 1983.
During our first decade, the group lived through a historic period with the advent of ecological sensitivities and the implementation of environmental laws that are still current.This era was also marked by the increasing sensitivity to food hygiene and spawned globalization with free trade agreements.
These disturbances are the foundation on our skills and our careers are built.Seasoned from the dawn of these changes to evolve in a new environment, on the strength of our European experiences, punctuated by missions around the world, Felber & Associés has been built and developed.
Today, convinced of the importance of Africa in the future of the world, our group, built on the combination of European and African cultures, F&A values the sum of its experiences on this continent.Together, while respecting each other's cultures and interests, we create sustainable activities, that is our philosophy.
Developing high value-added export companies in Africa, while prioritizing local social and economic benefits, these are our objectives. Together for a new African agriculture ......

Our activities and areas of expertise

real estate
Our real estate activities in Africa are first class and we will be able to give you the best advice for your real estate investments and projects on the continent.
A team of consultants based in Switzerland and Africa, specialized in agro-engineering, project management and financial monitoring. Our services accompany decision makers in their strategic orientations and assist them in their decisions. We carry out studies and plans for agricultural development, as well as projects, accompaniment or realization turnkey. We manage agricultural companies,
several thousand hectares of plantations in the DRC, with production in cotton, cocoa and various fruits and vegetables.
Thanks to our experience, we are the ideal partner for setting up your business in Africa.
We are focused on the future, our Elcos foundation has been working for more than 15 years to support and develop the poorest populations.
Trade in raw materials, mainly of agricultural origin such as cotton, coffee and cocoa.
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Our experience and expertise is at your disposal to help you develop and grow your business on the African continent.
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