Odiane Lokako, President of the NGO ELCOS, committed to the development and training of the youth of the Equator Province

December 5, 2022

Mrs. ODIANE LOKAKO, president of the NGO-ELCOS, which has been working throughout the DRC for more than 18 years, led a large team to the province of Equateur at the end of November 2022, always worried about the future of her nation and her compatriots.

Mr. Daniel Freihofer, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swiss Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was also present on this trip.

The mission's goal was to begin work on facilities that will house the province of Equateur's first significant technical and vocational training facility.

After exchanging greetings with the various officials of the Equateur province, particularly with the governor Bobo Boloko Bolumbu, who praised this noble daughter of the province's responsible initiative.

They discussed the various requirements and difficulties that impede the growth of the province and its young.

The president of the NGO-ELCOS, Odiane Lokako, and her entourage went to the community of Bakala, located 17 kilometers from Equateur's capital, to lay the foundation stone for the technical and vocational center.

The province's youth will be trained in industrial fishing, agriculture, cattle, and the exploitation and processing of wood, which is the province's principal economic wealth, in order to better understand the communities.

Odiane Lokako and her entourage paid a visit to Bokatola's indigenous peoples.

They conversed with the pygmy community, who expressed their numerous obstacles in gaining access to health care and education.

Mrs. ODIANE LOKAKO informed him that their problem is a priority for her NGO ELCOS, which works to integrate the indigenous people of Equateur province.

He also emphasized the importance of their ancestors' expertise and protection of the Congo Basin forests.

Finally, as a good Christian, the ELCOS president presented 56 sacks of cement to the Catholic women of the archdiocese of Mbandaka-Bikoro in order to build a multi-purpose room for their empowerment.

The ELCOS delegation also paid a visit to the historical village of Bokote, which is located 363 kilometers from Mbandaka.

The relics of Blessed Isidore Bakandja were interred in Bokote.

Odiane Lokako couldn't pass by without looking at the building site where the Bakandja museum will be built.

Lokako and her family had been back in Kin for 48 hours.